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If you expect to find perfectly healthy reptiles as rescues then what the heck are breeders and pets shops for??? I remember seeing the ad offering the dragons for adoption and it was mentionned in it that one was missing a tail and the other was stunted. They may be healthy in other respects but already you know that they aren't 100% even before contacting this person.

Now you say you didn't want the second because it didn't look healthy enough for your taste, but it's okay for your friend. I find that a bit suspicious! You want to adopt healthy herps and if they aren't give them to your friend?

Animals up for adoption are usually so for a reason. They have a need for special care, often vet care needed, the animals may be aggressive, etc.

And by curiosity, if money was not an issue, why the big deal over 20$ or not getting the tank if you were just taking one?

I'm not writing this to come down on you, you posted this thread asking for opinions and that's what I'm doing.

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