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LOL well yes, I would have to agree with what the majority is saying here. If you are adopting something that you know is sick, asking to take responsibilty, giving one to a friend probably isn't the smartest thing to do. I WOULD want to adopt an animal that is all messed up. It is really appearing to me that you want these for the cash value whether speaking of breeding or selling them. Someone who really loves herps would want to adopt an animal even more then regular if they were injured or unhealthy, because knowing we can make the herps life a better one is what we are in this for. Any herper, a responsible loving one at that, wouldn't care whether they got just one of the beardies or two, what is important here is getting them out of the hands of a irresponsible owner and back into flawless shape, to the best of our ability anyhow. It is this kind of thing that gives us younger then 18s' a bad name. Also please take time to spell out the words properly and take it easy on the ".....", it gets annoying and confusing after a while. There is my two cents...
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