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As far as my dealing with kids comments, it is not the age, but the maturity issue. I have dealt with many early teens such as Jeff T. above & had no problems, as he is mature & conducts himself properly in business situations & has his parents support in his hobby. I do like to have the parents acknoledge the transaction & possibly be involved due to the fact that I'm an adult dealing with a minor though. There are lots of kids out there that do nothing, but waste your time also. It may be a game to some, but is serious business to people such as myself. All you 18 & unders don't need to be offended, but need to be mature enough to understand where people like me are coming from. If you can't understand you are not as mature as you think. Glad to see all you young herpers out there, you are our future. Mark I. - GONE SNAKEE!
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