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In reguards to the hazards of NIX (see above) I have had no negative experiences, except buying it at the drugstore. When you have really long hair & ask for 2-3 bottles of the stuff everyone backs away from you right away, LOL. I have heard negatives but they were in cases of not following instructions properly. I have never heard of it causing birth defects in snakes, mind you I never have the sprayed the stuff (or any other chemicals) around any eggs ever (why would you?) & IMO a few treatments should not harm babies that are inside live bearing snakes such as boas. Inject lab animals with just about any chemical (or long term exposure to it) & I'm sure it will cause some kind of birth defects in their offspring. Remember NIX is for external use only so of course it would have negative effects if taken internally & the animal is not meant to be constantly exposed to it either. Mark I.
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