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Hey !

yankeefoxtrot -- Kids??!...HUMM AGEISM PROBLEMS??
Im 16--Kids..wat?...Well if im allowed to drive in city streets n get a job? makes me able to take care of myself...OK...thats ........Like maybe when i was 12 or 13 my parents got my back for every stupid thing i do , not even.......I still love em though..LOL...
Se what i mean when u mention 16 pple thing ur a baby....Like honestly whats tha hell is wrong with this...No respect.LOL!!

back to my question..i just wanted to know who was being rude..I was asking questions because if 1 is 1 year old and less tha 10 inches n 1 has no tail....U GOOTA WATCH out, Dont u think...n asking is tha best way!!..
i thouht asking questions was a good thing! LOL
Thanks yall
ton paul---cant wait im getting uros!
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