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Great post Nathan & I pass your "handout' out to a few people. I unfortunatley have had to deal with mites before a few times & NIX is the way to go for sure. I recv. a Hogg Island Boa last sunday that was "infected". Thank God I followed proper quarantine policy so no other specimens were exposed. One of the biggest disadvantgaes of having snakes "delivered" is that you can't inspect them until you already own them. DOH! Oh well its not the first time, but hopefully its the last. I will 2nd Nathans handout comments on not to trust anyone no matter who they are or their reputations & to treat all new specimens (& quarantine!) as potential "carriers". I have been let down twice in the last 6 months alone by well respected breeders & friends. Them telling me sorry on the phone or via email doesn't cut it, CYA. It is better safe than sorry. $12 worth of NIX is never a waste of time or $ & futhermore an once of prevention is worth tons of pounds of cure, especially when it comes to snake mites & large collections of snakes (especially you large Boid keepers). I have treated 60-70 snakes at once before (just as a precaution, rather than chancing anything) & I can guarantee you it is not fun for me or them & is very time consuming. Paranoia is good policy when it comes to mites & I say NIX everything. Seriously, Mark I.
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