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Jenn, this is what I did to tame my Burm. Don't know if it'll work for the little one but you can try it. Snakes like things that are familiar and comfortable, so when I got Bandula I immeadiately placed him inside a quiet enclosure with a t-shirt I had worn for at least a day. My scent was on the shirt so from the get-go he associated my smell with a nice quiet place. He was very easy to handle after a few days. (The first few days he was scared, and that was probably due to the fact he'd just been dumped on a college campus... scary place for a snake)! I have never had a problem with him since.

Since yours is a smaller snake, the technique deffinately couldn't hurt, so think about trying it. I know it sounds weird, but I know a lot of people who have done the same as me and gotten similar results. Also, since this is a relatively small and delicate species Jade may always be a little nervous, (part of being a little guy) but once you guys get to know each other I'm sure everything will be fine! Good luck and keep us updated!
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