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Reptile shops.

Hi guys...

i know this is a silly question but does anyone know of good reptile shops near downtown toronto? i know theres one near lakeshore...but thats very vague because we all know how long lakeshore is..hahaha...i can't seem to remember...

i just need to get some medium and small check out some of the reptiles while i am there...the local pet shop only has jumbo rats and adult mice..which i find pretty stupid...but i am going to T.O today to get a GPS for trekking so i'd be ard. the KINGs MEC and europe bound i thought might as well pic up some ratties and check out neat reptile shops...
if any of you T.O. guys would like to come along as're more than welcome...hee.hee..
BTW...what time do they close?? i can only get there at 5pm..

Thanks guys!
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