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Very good and informative post.

Don't you just love it when the grade schoolers always ask " I saw a snake, what type was it"

quick story, I was presenting to a 5th grade class showing a South Florida king. I was telling them how I found it which is a cool story.
I had forgot to cap some plumbing under the house and my wife wanted me to do dishes. The sink was stopped up so as usual I put my hand in the drain and something started wiggling between my fingers (heartattack moment) the water drained and there was a kingsnake. Freaky to say the least. I spent a good while getting the plumbing apart and he was fine.
After the story to the kids I asked if anyone had any questions and 1 kid raised his hand. The only question they had was "you do dishes" I could not stop laughing.

that was 4 years ago, and the snake is still doing fine.
A bad year with reptiles is better than a good year without em.
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