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Don't be fooled by the name!

HSUS is in no way affiliated with the Humane Society locations that are active shelters, they just have a soundalike name. They are a lobbying organization and not in any way actively affiliated with animal rescue. They term themselves an animal protection organization, rather like PETA.

The Humane Society shelters which are actively involved in animal rescue are licensed by the US Dept. of Agriculture and Fish and Wildlife Services to enforce their animal cruelty statutes and to house animals according to their standards. They work in partnership with the government, not just as lobbyists. Each Humane Society of (fill in location here) is a licensed animal shelter, not just a lobbying organization. They are independent non-profit organizations without a national or international headquarters. Many of the chapters called "Humane Society" are actually members of the ASPCA.

HSUS is only licensed to lobby government organizations and has no enforcement powers, thank goodness! If they had the enforcement powers the various Humane Society chapters do we'd be in big trouble!
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