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I feel so many ways about it.

For me, I keep reptiles because I feel we are LUCKY to be able to do so. I feel we are lucky as humans that these species will conform to living in a cage as well as they have. I do it for the reptiles. Not the prestige. (which there is none lol)

So with that in mind, should any TRUE lover of reptiles have a problem with them being kept in the wild only? If it meant another reptile would never ever be left in a cold cage, starved or harmed in any way I would most certainly give up all my reptiles! I can see where they are coming from is what I am saying. I don't think anyone on this website can claim they have done as much for animals on a whole as the Humane Society. Even if they do put dogs and cats down, no one else does their job on their scale, and no one has offered too. They are all we have for strays, and unwanted cats and dogs. I can understand their frustration after years of caring for over bred pets.

At the same time I don't like anything goervment, and I love keeping reptiles. I believe if they were illegal our problems would be HUGE. More black market reptiles, less education, and you can guess how things would be.

I am torn on the issue, but thankfully its a cold day in hell when they will be able to track down every reptile owner in Canada and make the give up their reptiles. Just like ferret. Illegal in California, but you think they could do a damn thing about it? Nope. Its a laughing matter there to ferret owners. Myself included when I lived there.

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