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Originally posted by CyberGhost
Beutiful snake, kinda odd looking but that makes it all the more [for lack of a better word] wantable. Call me a copy catt but how much did it cost and where did you get it?LOL I'm just joking but I might be intrested in the future of getting one. So plz give me the price and place you got it if you would? If from a pet store can anyone give me a link to a breeder or soemthing I wanna do some research.
No, not from a petstore. I got this one from Mr. Phil Blais down in Montreal - but they're a rare species in captivity, and I doubt you'd find any more for sale in Canada. [And if you do, I have first dibs. ] Price was excellent, and that's all I'm gonna say about's a shame they are so rare, because I think they'd make wonderful pets - she seems very calm, and they don't grow very large.

As for breeder links, several were provided above.
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