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I can agree with some high adoption fees. I even saw someone post a fee of $300 for a Burm adoption. It was a bogus fee and was never going to be charged, but it sure did weed out all of the inexperienced applicants and also stopped about 50 emails a day from showing up.

But from my experience with, the adoption fees charged for the herps listed there are not designed to do that, they know that the herps will be adopted faster than the dogs and cats so they want to get as much out of the herps as they can. Again I can see the logic behind this, I may not agree with it, but I understand it.

As for The Reptile Rescue league, well I am off to go overseas for a year. The recue will not be ion operation at my location, but another member will handle any applications and surrenders that come in. When I return, I plan on going full force in getting as many small rescues together to form some form of network. If we work together, we can get these herps in good homes. But for now, it is going to have to wait for 1 year. During this time, I will put together a plan to do as I stated, so all I have to do is implement it upon my return and see how many would like to ban together.

Thanks Folks
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