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Herpkingdom, you are a genuis and if you don't mind I think that we should all support you. You should open your rescue to people in other places, to branch out. Jeff if your here, I think you should get the site to support his shelter. Let him put banners or something up. I believe if you wanted your idea could grow into exactly what I described in my post. I hope you continue to let your league grow. Maybe one day I will be able to help you out , but now there is no-way I would possibly be able to shelter any herps. But your idea is briliant and I hold you in the highest reguard, it is people like you that keep the world humane. I also appreciate any other rescues. If anybody reperesenting any of them read this I encourage you to contact herpkingdom and request to join his leugue, and herpkingdom if you want, you should contact shelters and ask them to join your leugue.

Just a Thought

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