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i agree with what is said. We are a small rescue just for iguanas. We have been so for 2 years, making it public this year. I have heard so many people say they are a rescue, but they dont have money for vet bills, nor do they have enclosures to put the animals in. In our rescue, we do in fact have spots for the iguanas, however are only limited to a certain amount. Reptile Rescue takes on iguanas on their end, we take on our rescue on our end and we have 4 people in our rescue with 2 different homes.

I recently learned of a 12 yr old child telling us she was a rescue for sick/injured/homeless reptiles. HOW ON EARTH, can a child be a rescue, she also stated her mother doesnt agree with it. That is not right, she cant have her own little rescue at 12!

sorry about my ranting rage
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