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Question High Strung

Well if most of you were keeping up with my "Insert String of Profanities Thread" you know I'm getting a Ribbon Snake from the pet store for 10$ CAN (used to be 30$ CAN). And before you go into the whole "BUY FROM A BREEDER"...I'm not buying this little fellow for breeding or quality. He is quite cute but I'm buying him because the poor thing has been there for at LEAST six months that I remember. I'd like to give the little fellow a good home to come to.

Anyways, the reason he hasn't been sold is because whenever someone's interested and takes it out of the cage. He's very high strung. I know they're energetic, but you know how some snakes who are nervous and the likes squirm around alot and just don't want to be held...that's how he's like.

I've never had a snake that isn't calm. Any pointers on handling and trying to tame him down a bit? I honestly don't mind if he stays nervous, as I said, he needs a good home and I can provide it. All I wanted was the satisfaction of knowing that I'm taking him to a good place instead of someone buying him on an impulse because he's cheap.

So any pointers on handling a high strung snake? Taming? Etc. I look forward to hearing them.


PS. I decided to name him/her "Jade"
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