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<i>Loxocemus bicolor</i> - the New World sunbeam snake or New World burrowing snake - is a monotypic snake from South America, monotypic meaning that there's only one in the genus - it's not grouped with any other snakes. They're shy, burrowing snakes, egg-layers, which grow about 3-4' long and readily take rodents in captivity. They're rare in the US and even more rare in Canada, as usual...I like them because they're highly iridescent, though perhaps not as much as <i>Xenopeltis</i> - the other [true] sunbeam snakes - but the New World sunbeam snake is a gentle and easy-to-keep captive, unlike <i>Xenopeltis</i>. The young of the species are a uniform dark brown, but as you can see on my girl, they develop white splotches along their bodies as they mature - probably for camouflage purposes. The nose is upturned and pointed for digging, the scales are very soft and silky, and the snake is a pleasure to handle.

Anything else?
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