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Yah, but I would still like to know some diffreints results and maybe see some pix I want to make my own special breed for my breeding project like I've seen on peoples site they have their own special. Like this one girl had a striped jungle corn, it had stripes going up and down that were like weird colors. Very strange but if Mine ended up so ugly no-one wanted them I would keep them. But I know of peoplem that would want them no-matter how ugly. But I would never even attempt this without seriosly researching things first a doing my best to make sure I didt end up with some mutant snake. But after what you guys say I might not ever I did't know anybody ever had a problem with it. I once heard of somen interbreeding like a jungle rattler or something with a eatern diamondback and ened up with some mutant super venomous evil snake that was't afraid like most and used its venom offensly instead of defensly don't know if its true but that would be horrible.
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