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..Nearly all, if not all, North American colubrids can be crossed fairly easy, Because the genetic makeup is very similar between them all. You may need to do some enticing but it's possible. The out comes will be different patterns, weaker bloodline of a species because of the new chromosomes/DNA patterns and that every known reptile hybrid to date has been shown to prove fertile after the cross...
It's ethically wrong because most people who breed hybrids do it for the money; Not even considering the fact it's a fad that is clearing true bloodlines. I mean, look at it like this.. You breed two dogs together of differ kinds and you'd nearly have to pay someone to take the litter. You breed two species of snakes together you get a price tag that at least doubles in price. This hobby is getting more and more about the dollar it's sad. Like for instance a green anole is a joke to many people because of the price tag on them.. I don't know about it being illegal but I hear in Ga. you can't have corns unless its a hybrid or color morphs..
I personally don't mind intergrades because it's natural but I don't care much for hybrids because it's a money scam..
Help any?
Xain .

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