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Angry Im So Sick Of People!

GRR, sorry to post this but I need to vent! > >


I've been waiting on pinkie rats for three weeks!!! The people I'm getting them from were supposed to come drop them off three times! The first time they used the wrong buzzer code, the second time I was supposed to call them first (BS) and the third time, no one showed! I've said I'll go pick up the rats, but the guy's impossible to get a hold of - no cell, no e-mail, never home - so it's impossible to set a date.


Soooo instead of getting a dozen reasonably priced pinky rats for my babies, I've been paying 2$ per hopper mouse (I can't find pinkie rats anywhere - not days olds, anyway) at the freaking petstore. This TOTALLY messes up my plan to get them all started on rats.


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