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i think there was one at the glouchester docks in april, i was going to go, but.....i didnt...bummer, then i was reading about it on fbh ( i think, and apprarently it was cancelled cuz of those darn enviroment "animal friendly" people! (i may have dreamed this so dont hold me to it)
These bunch of asses make up loads of lame excuses why reptile events shouldnt happen and the "uneducated" public believe this crap thats bieng fed to them! so these guys are pretty damn good at getting shows cancelled! 13 out of 15 were cancelled in yr 2000.........lame!
there are alot of club and society meetings i think.....
there is however a conference thingy, in walsall (go to fbh to find out), i guess you get your chance to go to war with "anti reptile" people and kick some butt!
to be honest i dont think there will really be any, from what im reading the outlook doesnt seem very good for shows in the future! im going to go and cry now............
oh yes! i may be wierd... but this wierdo comes with new, improved Live Journal action!

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