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made my day.....

went to the park where I caught this little guy and after getting the hook out and two full days of antibiotics, we took him back. When we got there, the entire gaggle of geese were right near where we found him and that made it all so much easier to let him go. We opened the door to the dog carrier he was in, and instantly he made a run for the group in the water. I was so anxious to see if he was accepted back or not, and fingers crossed, he swam right to them and they were all noisy and took him back. Not one beak was out of place and they all swam together. WHOOHOOOOOO!!! I feel so much better.........Just had to share.
This is a picture of the little guy making a run for it when we opened the door to the kennel and he was the group in the water.
here he is swimming around making as much noise as he could with his other family
last picture i promise....
here he is joining the family.

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