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I think my mom would do the same. I have a story similar to that...
My brother needed to use a "stand" for his TV for some production thing. So he asked if he could use my $86, 55 gallon aquarium for that purpose. I told him that it might be easier and a lot sturdier (sp?) to use the old computer desk in the garage. He told me it needed to stand up on it's side nice and tall. I said "maybe..." and just walked off, not even thinking about what could possibly happen. I mean... he has no control over MY big glass aquarium, right?

So, a couple days pass and I go out into the garage looking to feed my mean, hungry savannah monitor just waiting for his next meal to come up . As soon as I open the door to the garage I'm astonished to see my beautiful aqaurium tank with a huge crack down the side and some part of the glass popping out. I actually felt like CRAP!! I was hoping to use that cage for my new little dwarf caimen (which I have yet to get because of this *enter other word for dang* incident)!!

I walk inside to go find my mom, finding out that she gave them permission to use it! I was so angry then, and felt like yelling but didn't so things would be calm lol. She told me she was sorrya dn that he would pay me back, not $86 but $100. Wonder how that turned out? I do not know .

Wanna know how the cage got a big streaking crack through it's glass? Well... my brother's friend had it in the back of his pick-up truck and drove crazily, causing the cage to slam from side to side of the truck's bed !

Not cool not cool. But ah well... it's over now. I still haven't gotten my money, yet... but hey, he owes me!!!
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