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- Look in dark and warm areas surrounding the tank and work your way outward in concentric circles. Look under every crack and in every crevasse - a mirror and flash light help very much.

- Didn't find him? No big deal, there are a million places a snake that size can hide. You need to close the door to the room (he's probably still in that room unless it's been a few days since the escape) and make sure all cats or dogs are out of the room. Inside the room, put a head pad on the floor with a hidebox on top of it, and a mouse/rat in front of the hidebox door (preferably NOT on the heatpad. hot mice rot fast) . Leave it there for a few days, he'll get hungry and one of his expiditions he'll come across the mouse, eat it, and decide that the warm hide is the perfect place to chill and digest.

- You can also sprinkly flour or corn starch on the floor to see if he's moving around.

Here are some more links that might help:

Last of all, DONT WORRY!! Worrying is completely pointless, it won't help you find him faster.

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