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Angry Insert String of Profanities Here

I went to the pet store (yes I know to buy from breeders, but I couldn't resist) and he's had this little ribbon snake there FOREVER. No one will buy it because it's high strung and squirmy. And I was talking to the head of the reptile department Aaron and he told me that he'd give me the snake for 10$ if I could just give her a home.

My mom is going out of town on Monday and I was going to do so then. My parents always say no to pets, but when I get them in the house, they couldn't care less. I can't figure it out! lol

So anyways, here comes the angering part. I asked mom where she put my spare aquarium because I wanted to "make a cacti terrerium"...SHE F***ING GAVE IT TO MY COUSIN FOR HER FISH! That aquarium cost me a good 75$! I am SOOO angry! I NEVER expressed permission to start giving away my things, ESPECIALLY my herp things.

So now tomorrow I'm running to garage sales and second hand stores in a desperate attempt to find a suitable litle home for my unpopular little snakey friend...

"A rattlesnake that doesn't bite teaches you nothing."
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