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Alrighty, when I joined this list a little while ago, I was under the impression that most people heat their reptile enclosures with heat lamps. But after reading and readin I see that is definately not the case. So, in building my new enclosures I would like to know all my options for heating. I obviously know the heat lamps.

I've read you people talking about heat tape and rope and everything. I have no idea what all this stuff is and where I can get it.

For example, if I want to make an enclosure and have the lighting like this:
Those lights aren't heat lights. Or I'm thinking of just using florescent lights. (If you can't see the image or anything, it could be because it's from a kings****.com area. But anyways, they aren't heated lights.

So I guess my question is what are my options for heating my enclosures?


Any idea where I could tell that you were talking about Boas and Pythons?
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