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Well I find to be not a good place for reptiles as many of the rescues/shelters that use this try to get retial prices for the reptiles they have. An example is one of them wanting a $100 adoption fee for a Boa or a $75 fee for a ball python. It is by far a great place for cats and dogs, but the fees are much lower than for the reptiles.

I started a so called "League" of rescues that all work together and currently work with several up and down the east coast. This is nothing official, just a few friends that do rescues from their homes that work together to rehab and adopt out to good homes any reptiles that come our way. I was in the progress of working together with my local shelters and animal control agencies to take all of the reptiles that they get calls on, but as of today this is going to be on hold for at least a year. I have a once in a life time job opportunity that I am going to be taking that is going to have me out of the US for a year.

The Reptile Rescue League can be seen at
As a rescue is rehabbed back to health, it is posted for adoption on everyone's site in the league thus giving more exposure to the adoption.

As far as getting large pet chains to donate to a small rescue, good luck! THey do only big pet charities that deal with mainly dogs and cats, not the reptiles and amphibians. I was getting set up to do fund raising events by selling magazine subscriptions and such. This wouldn't fund a lot, but every little bit will help.
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