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GAME: If your herp were human.....

When I was in school, we'd often play "If He Were Human" while doing overnights at the vet clinic to while away the slow hours.

If your herp were a human being, who would he be? It can be anybody, either a real person or a character from a book, movie, TV show, etc. For example:

Rodin, the head-bobbing, black-bearded, foot-stomping horndog of a bearded dragon would be Don Juan. Why? Because he once bit my sandal strap and mated with my toes. He's never met a female he didn't like.

Monet, The Princess Priss bearded dragon would be Mariah Carey because of her diva mentality.

Tonka the Russian tortoise would be Tenzing Norgay, the first Sherpa to scale Mt. Everest because he loves to scale seemingly insurmountable objects while carrying a heavy load on his back.

Lilith the plains garter snake would be Harry Houdini as she's my greatest escape artist.

Who would your herps be?
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