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I have been watching this thread closely and cannot believe the lack of response. I expected the numerous types "rescues" mentioned, would be posting and trying to explain themselves. But alas, the truth prevails it looks like. I mean how can they justify calling themselves a rescue, right?

I know this topic touches many members of this site as well as many other sites. What I am wondering is why only a few have voiced their opinions? Everyone in thsi hobby of ours has an opinion on everything the effects the hobby and the animals we care for so much. THe lack of response from the hobbyists will, in my opinion, just show these so called "rescues" that people care that they are just basically asking for free animals with no experience or resources that will be needed for a true rescue.

So if you have an opinion, post it. That is what this forum is for. THis is not a topic to be taken lightly. What happened when one of these resues is near you and they get in several sickly animals that thye have no idea what to do with? Are you just going to sit by and wathc them die off? NO! You are going to go and either take the animals or help in any way you can. If we inform the people doing this that it is something we will not accept, then the animals in need of a true rescue will be placed where they can get the rehab they need instead of with someone looking for a free pet where it will most likely die from whatever ailment it had before it was so called rescued.

This is just my $2's worth.

I say $2's and not 0.02 worth as this situation affects me directly.
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