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This reminds me of something that happened on this years trip to Pelee Island. Jordan, Dave and I decided to go look for water snakes along the shore while the others looked for turtles in a pond. From where the pond is it is hard to get to the rocky shore. You have to go through tall reeds (at least 6 feet tall) and the forest. It takes about 15 minutes at a normal walking pace. When we got to the shore Jordan and I saw a seagull that was struggling in the water. I noticed it had a luer in its wing which it had tried to pull out with its beak and therefore the luer was stuck in the beak aswell. Jordan grabbed the big seagulby the neck and put it under his arm with the help of dave. We headed off to the pond,bird and all, hoping that one of the other people in the group would have plyers. Dave and I did our best to clear a path in the bush for Jordan and the seagull. Jordan was havin trouble carrying the seagull because it was constantly tring to bit him and flail its wings. When we got out of the brush we couldnt see anyone so I ran ahead and called out for someone. Jeff H heard me and came to the rescue with plyers. He got the barbed luer out but the wound was saldly starting to rot already : (. We released the bird and let nature take its course.

This is the exact oposit of marisas story in the respect that everyone worked together to help the bird.

Sean E.
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