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Great Job Beth! It really bugs me too... I was walking my dog one day and she brought my attention to a bluejay who had it's head stuck in one of those small animal traps (Shaped like a D, when snapped shut, the curve of the D was around it's neck)which was setup in someones yard. Based on the condition of the people's yard I was honestly a little bit scared to tresspass and free the bird. I also wouldn't be able to help with my dog with me so I went home. I told my b/f about it and asked if I should go back and save it and he said it's probably dead by now. I went back anyway with a pair of pliers. The bird was still there but not moving. I watched it for a while and i saw it breathe once so I went in and pried the trap open miraculously the bird flew away unharmed! I don't know how, I thought for sure it's neck would have been broken. For some reason it took a lot of guts for me to do that. I don't know why. But anyway, I learned that it's worth it to do anything you can to save an animal in distress. Kudos to you Beth, your story gives me courage for the next time I encounter such a thing.
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