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I have contacted several resources tonight about rehabilitation, and they all said pretty much the same things. As long as there is no 1 on 1 interaction to the gosling, and that I take it back to the exact location within a week, the gosling has a good survival rate. He/she is old enough to find food, and with the amount of ducks/geese at this particular lake, chances are that orphans are quite common and will be accepted easily into a gaggle of geese.
Other than giving a local anesthetic and removing the hook, and giving oral meds hidden in food not by hand, chances are there will be no imprinting. Imprinting is usually done within the first 48 hours of hatching, and this tyke is approx. 3-4 weeks now.
Whether or not this gosling has a chance to go back to the wild, I could not leave it at the lake to die or be killed because of some stupid angler that left tackle behind. If it were a natural occurance, I probably could have been more readily accepting to the fact that it could die. But because this was a human error, I felt this was the least I could do. Humans have done enough damage to this planet and is slowly destroying it, and this is my contribution back for what I have taken. If I had to chose to do it again, I would.
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