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Big kudos to you for rescuing that bird, so few people do things like that.

About people not stepping in to help, I think it's really pathetic and I know how it feels. A couple of years back I was at the dog park with a friend and both our pooches. My friend's pooch gets attacked by this pitbull/akita mix and the dog won't let go. My friend manages to grab hold of his dog but the other is still going at it and the owner is doing nothing but telling his dog to stop. I'm yelling at the guy and everyone else crowds around. After 4-5 minutes of this torture I can't stand it anymore and jump on the attacking dog. Without thinking I stick all my fingers in the dog's mouth by the sides and digs my nails into it's palate as hard as I can. Luckily the dog let go and I wasn't hurt. After yelling at the owner a bunch and telling him if I saw him at that park again with that dog I'd get his *** kicked I realized that I was the only one who dared do anything. All the others were men too! I find it funny that a 4'9" chick was the only one with enough *balls* to do anything. And worse, once I was on the dog and restling him, no one stepped in then either. A hand would have been greatly appreciated.

Anyways, I don't have much faith left in people either. I wait till people prove themselves.

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