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why i hate people more and more each day.........

Had to share my day with you all. Today I went to a lake that is pathed to walk around and there are parks for kids and fishing galore. Well, walking around it, I heard rustling in the long grasses and a momma goose going berserk, as did tons of other people. I figured something was up so I went to look, and there was a tiny little canada goose baby all tangled up in fishing line, with a hook down its throat. With much trouble, and a bite in the *** by protective momma, i managed to scoop up the baby and head for higher ground to see if I could get this undone. After an hour of cutting this twine off that was now cutting into its skin, i managed to get all of it off but the hook. This is where I was helpless without any tools. So off into my truck I carted the little goose, and headed for home, to try and get this hook out.
Now the thing that gets me, the entire time i struggled to get this gosling untied and shooed away the momma countless times, not one single person stopped to help. I cannot get over the people these days.
Well, the gosling is now on my deck, has my kids kiddy pool full of water, has a large vari kennel with straw for a bed, and after 5 days of antibiotics, I will bring him back to momma and set him free.
Sorry, just had to share.
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