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Educational Shows

Hi all.. I know some of you do shows for kids at schools and stuff..

We are approaching the local school board to see if they would mind us doing shows in the schools here, when the classes do reptiles, and amphibians as class topics, to help with the more hands on approach to learning the school are adopting.
Some of the schools currently do field trips to the local conservation areas, and Science North, but the kids don't get that much of a hands on experience.

We are wondering what you would like to see if you were a kid in grades SK- 8.
Some suggestions so far have been:

Bearded Dragon
Ball Python
Blue tongue Skink
Leopard Gecko
Rose Hair Tarantula
Pixie Frog

Please fill in the answers you think would be great. And feel free to suggest more, but remember mainly touchable by kids that are highly excitable and loud. [And easy to care for, as they will be living with us, and our kids the rest of the time]

Thanks for the help.

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