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My uncle hunts wild animals, and when I was a kid I used to collect the heads and clean them with bleach and a knife, it was really gross, but worth it.
Then I went to the ROM and went behind the scenes where they do research and all. They have a HUGE collection of skulls and skelletons you never see because its in the reasearch area.
Any ways, they showed me how they clean the flesh off the bones. You know those little black beatles you sometimes get when you buy crickets by the box? Well, they have an enclosed room there and the floor is covered with, seriously, millions of these beetles, and all they do is leave the dead carcas there and it is picked CLEAN in a week. Sooo easy, since I was a kid when I went they said I could bring my dead animals over and leave in their room, I must say its way easier to have a billion beatles do the job for ya, and they do a PERFECT job at that!!!
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