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Good thread. I can say I have rescued herps but I do not consider myself a reptile rescue. If I feel I can handle a herp for it's entire life (i don't even think about placing them because I might never be able to) then I will take it in. So far this has been small (3 leopard geckos) and I intend to keep it that way. Rescue is in no way a means of free reptiles. Even if you don't pay a dime for the animal it is never free. All of the herps I have taken in were given to me with the enclosures and all of the enclosures had problems. I have pretty much completely overhauled each one. Yes they were malnourished and I had to nurse them back to health but I consider them my pets now. I rescued them not because they were free but because I wanted to help them. There are lots of ways to "rescue" herps without setting up a non-profit org and get in over your head. One is to volunteer at an already established shelter or nature center to help get people educated. Another is to get a job at a pet shop that needs work and ensure the herps get the proper care they need. Donate money to and organization. They can always use it for feeders, housing, etc. The more money they have to work with the more herps can be rescued and every little bit helps. One thing I have done, with Aurora who was my teeniest rescue...she was owned by a friend's sister and she didn't have money for feeders or she wouldn't go buy them. Either way she wasn't feeding them so I donated some mealworms to her so she had no excuses. It helped for a while but I ended up having to adopt Aurora 6 months later as she was still no bigger than a hatchling.

This girl had three Leos and gave them all to me because she finally admitted she couldn't handle them or wasn't interested. I think the point I am trying to get accross here is whether it's taking in rescues or adding to your own collection (often a fine line) be really honest with yourself as to what you can handle. It does no good for the herps if you have too many and can't give each of them the special attention they deserve.
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