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Herpkingdom, I agree with you entirely; However, I must state that I have founded and run a reptile rescue myself.

I started Samba's Reptile Rescue in 1997 and I must say I did it for the animals. Not free ones, but because I felt sorry for the creatures being sold in pet shops to people who have no idea what they are getting into. It actually began as an accident because I was the 'lizard lady' and when people didn't want their reptiles anymore they gave them to me. In time, however, I have realized just what being a non profit org. requires and it is not easy by far.

Most of the animals I do receive are ill, or have some sort of problems. Rarely do I receive a perfect little animal that just needs a home. There are reasons people get 'rid' of their pets. And, to top it off, most have been sick for quite some time. Lots of them don't make it, without regards to the $$$$$$ I spend on them. I am lucky in this sense, because I work very closely with a herp vet who often gives me vast discounts for the quantity of sick animals I bring in. Anyone who thinks a 'rescue' is a good idea to get free animals cannot have a clue about the expense, both financially and emotionally, they will go through. Then you have the fact that many animals are EXTREMELY difficult to place. Too large, aggressive, ill, whatever. Some of the animals I've chosen to keep have become educational animals and 'earn their keep' so to speak. I have long thought what you have written, and with gusto I might add! Thank you for your candid and frank essay! I'd add more here, but I'm on my way to school!

P.S. I am 23 yrs. old... so by school I mean college, where I want to get my Ph.D. in Biotechnology!
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