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If you feel confident in the Reptile House providing good care for your snake (clean facilities, knowledgeable staff) then it would be a good option.

If your trip is for 15 days, you can still get by leaving your snake at home for the duration of your trip if you do the following:

- Provide a large source of water. I have seen water dispensers for reptiles and other small creatures which hold a considerable amount of water. One or two of these (I would use 2) should provide enough water for your snake for the 2 weeks.

- Close off as much screen top as possible but leave enough for ventilation, 3/4 of lid for example. This is to help cut down on water evaporation and to keep your water supply lasting.

- Check your temps without any heat. I would recommend unplugging all heat sources while you are gone. As long as the temps don't go below 72 everything should be alright. This will help slow down the snake's metabolism and preserve some energy.

Snakes can go for weeks easily without food and do so in the wild. Your snake not eating for 2 weeks is alright and no harm will come of it. As long as this is not done routinely, a 2 week fast will not hurt your snake. Even hatchlings and juveniles can go 6 weeks without food.

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