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Question Heating/Lighting

Hehe building, heating and lighting cages is harder than I anticipated. I have a few questions...

1. I was under the impression that it's better to have a light or heat lamp somewhere in the enclosure. But in alot of peoples enclosures, I've noticed that they don't care about light, just heat. Is that correct?

2. If I were to make a whole rubbermair rack. How do I heat that? What are different methods?

3. Is it necessary for reptiles (snakes actually, Pythons and Boas) to have a lighted basking type area? Because I haven't been seeing that in alot of cages.

4. If I were to make an enclosure like the one I've inserted below. What type of wood do you recommend?

It's all confusing. Hehehe.

I was planning on building something like this: But if I'm planning on stacking them, which I am. There's no place for a lighted area unless I build it inside. Which I have no problem doing.

Any pointers would be appreciated and such. My aunt and I are starting to build my enclosures in late June and i'd like to sketch some blueprints for her by then.

Thanks to everyone in advance,
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