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A sad topic :(

I was talking to a friend today that works in the reptile part of a local pet store. And he was telling me about their new shipment of reptiles they had got in. And how there reptile supplier had about 14 baby Veiled-Chameleon's get out of there rubber-maid and got stuck in the slideing door track of the van and the time he noticed that they were in there it was to late he had aready opened the door. But he did manage to get 5 of them out of the door and they are doing just fine my friend also told me how the supplier just stack's all of the rubber-maid's any were in the van and the last time he was there he opened the van door and a stack of rubber-maid's fell out of the van on to the ground but nothing got out that time but i bet the reptile's were some pi$$ but it is to bad for the other little chameleons that did not make it

This makes me mad that some suppliers dont care if the reptiles are properly stacked when they are being transported i am sure that these are not the first bunch of reptiles that this supplier has lost or had die before they get to the pet store
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