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Unhappy gonna lose $1000.... Help! (non reptile related)

OK i signed up at a fitness club and i pay for my member ship and all. They asked me if i wanted to have a personal trainer, so i said naw i dont need it. So then the fitness said, OK if u sign up with us u can get a session free So i said why not. put down a 80$ deposite and i knew i was gonna get it back cuz i wanted to cancel after the session, this was a 70$ per session thing (16 sessions($1000). Couple days later i booked a session and then got called into work, so i called in and said to cancel my session ,48 hours early.

Couple weeks later i got a call from the fitness club saying when do u want your next session, i was like oh yea my personal trainer. Well i said i didnt want it anymore and i wanted my deposite back, they said You cannot get your money back and you WILL HAVE TO PAY FOR THE SESSIONS. I said i dont have that kind of money! and they said you could have canceled it in 5 days (NO BODY TOLD ME THAT!) What an outrage!! Well they needed my Void Check cuz i didn't give it to them yet, all i gave'em was my deposite. Do u think i should just let it go and not give them my check so they dont take out my money from my bank account!!!???

ooh what did i get myself into, they never mentioned that 5 day cancelation thing. I think i've been scammed...
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