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Chris... heat rocks generally are not recommended for several reasons, including that it could possibly burn an animal if it malfunctions. Most don't have any kind of temp control, and some have been reported to start fires. I hope this guy did take your advice, there are so many more efficient and safe methods of providing reptiles with heat.

I'm sorry to disappoint you guys, but I will be updating on the pet store very shortly (I've just had 'one of those days'). I will try to update tomorrow. I did receive another response from the coorporate headquarters in regards to the conditions, but sadly all she had to say was something to the effect of ... 'sorry our stores aren't up to your standards'. The audacity!!!!! All I'm asking from them is that they take BASIC, PROPER care of their animals; not treat them like kings and queens!!!! (Although that wouldn't be so bad, would it?) Write ya'll later, it's sleepy time for me... =/
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