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Originally posted by Grant vg
why do you want the super system?
I would opt for a basic system to control the temps alone.
use an appliance timer for the lights, and handle humidity on your own (I dont think helix can help you with humidity)

Unless you want to spend the extra 100 US to have your lights slowly dim down and up, then go with the supersystem.
Either way, Helix controls are the best!!
you wont regret the fact that you never have to worry about your temperatures again!
id spend the extra 100 bucks on a good quality digital thermometer/hygrometer from radio shack.

I havn't used the accessories, but have heard they are great as well. Goodluck!!

Grant vg
I agree with Grant... No need for a super system unless you really have that much wattage to heat... I use the super system for a pile or racks now and it's the same as the basic other then the wattage it can handle.. I'll be using it to heat the room in the cool winters.

The basic system is more then most people need and the add-ons work great... Check it out at

Best of luck to you..
Darren Hamill
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