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It already has. Worse yet, I found out this can be transmitted to humans and other pets as well. Like I said before, I won't say anything about this chain, but grrrrrrrr. Let's just say I now know I'm not the only person who has seen these problems. I had NO IDEA all this was going on outside of my situation. In the future, I'd like to post pictures here of what I've seen. According the laws stated in the article (I still have to check for my state), if you are photographing areas inside a store that are not banned or roped off from the public, picture-taking and publishing are completely legal. And I will do just that, if nobody has objections. This is complete and total B^!!$#*T!!!!! 'Scuse my un-ladylike language, but all this new info is SHOCKING and DISTRESSING!!!!

There is a petition on this site. SIGN IT! NOW!!!
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