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I don't think most folks...

even with a claim of expert are using as broad a definition as it seems to others. I caught my first snake (a nasty tempered coachwhip) 35 years ago and she lived for 7 years, since that time Bcc, Bco, Bci, corns, kings, Crots, several lizards native to the SW, ect... Expert? no, but I can do pundits for quad hets and had very good sucess breeding most things I aquired pairs in, I've lost animals too. In many areas I feel qualified to give answers or advice. If you think about it someone called a computer expert may be expert in hardware, software, IT, design, ect, but probably not all, a vet may be best with livestock, reptiles, exotics, dogs, or cats but probably not all. Just a little food for thought