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No it was not Jeff's intention to make Emily feel any worse than she does. It was Jeff's intention (as always) to get people to think about things, perhaps in a different way than they were previous.

An aquarium is a rectangular object, that, unless standing on end, is not an easy thing to tip. Even empty, they can't be tipped all that easy. I am certain, that for my size, I could not tip a rectangular object of similar ratio that that cat did. So what does that tell me? It tells me that the tank was placed in a place that's quite dangerous. I know Emily knows this now (obvious), but what about other people? It seems like over 70% of the people here have cats. I know it sucks for Emily, but what about her snake? Does life not suck a bit more for that corn now than her? I think it does. So if people don't make the mistake that Emily made because they think about things, then is that not good?

I think it is.

That'll teach the stupid cat (never learned his lesson-r.i.p house geckos
Tim/Julie, how did your cat catch a house gecko?? Those things are nuclear fast!! I had one loose in my reptile room about 10 years ago, and I could never catch it. I never did find it either. But every day we had a little game where I would turn out the lights at night, wait 15 minutes, and then race back into the room and chase him/her for about 10 minutes. And all I ever caught was air!! LOL!! And now I work with snakes.

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