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Well I remember coming home after shopping with Tim and my mother in law and wondering to myself "Where's Jones?"(tim's cat) So I went in our bedroom and there he was in my 33 gallon tank with my two leos! I screamed like someone had attacked me, Tim rushed in, and I told him to take his stupid f*****g cat out of the room cause if I put my hands on him it would be around his throat and at the time I was pretty certain that I would have done just that. I left the room while Tim's mom hugged me and said it would be okay and Tim came out laughing. I got real mad at him cause (and I said)"You think this is funny? You're f*****g cat killed my babies!" and he kept laughing and told me it was okay but that I had to go see for myself. So I go in the room and take a very close look at my babies (counting all toes, limbs and such) and then I burst out laughing too! My "sweetie-pie" Fatty Tail (she has a regen) has the hugest mass of cat hair in her mouth. That'll teach the stupid cat (never learned his lesson-r.i.p house geckos) to mess with my girl! Took a while to swab out all the hair and I had to empty all the new substrate cause of all the loose kitty hair, but I sure was glad that my girl was okay.
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