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Talking Little Ray's Pics!!!

Well my computer was all down and stuff. But during that time I got my Little Ray's pictures developed. Alot of them didn't turn out unfortunately because my camera's a piece of S***! But, I did get the ones I REALLY REALLY wanted to turn out amazingly. The only beef I have with them is that I was carsick and really didn't look my best for the pics (my allergies had flared up because I accidentally ate nuts and my face puffed up)...but, my pride in my looks aside, these pics were about the animals, not me, so I'll post 'em anyways!

This is mom and I when we just got there:

This is my first time holding a Tarantula!!

This is my first time handling a Caiman (sp?):

And the next three are my favourites! I was in bliss:

Hope you all like them!!! And now I want a Tarantula lol

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