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ok well Look at it this way .. it really is a rope.. so the way I used it is simple..

took a router.. made chanels in the wood.. put the cable in it and silliconed it.. I doubled the cabel with an inch gap between the cable ... and the tupperwares simply slide on top of the wires.. I have pics in my gallery..

I set it up on a dimer as at full heat .. I am hittng 120 F .. I am using the 80 watt .. wich has about 8 feet of heatting I think..

I am also using it in my monitors cage.. simply stuck it inside the dirt... a little scattered arouns.. dirt is heated and a t comfy 88 ish temp.. I have no complaints..

As far as i know of .. Grant from PCPC is the only one to have it but If u look hard enough .. it is the same as the wires to heat piping and ****.. so technincally you should be able to find them in hardwarestore.. but I have never seen em'..
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